Special Mexican Christmas Traditions You Need to Know About

girl blowing lights
The season is simply more special when you’re with a Mexican woman.

You’re finally dating your ideal Mexican woman and Christmas is fast approaching. In your mind, this holiday season has the makings of being a time you may never forget. And why not?

The reality is that Christmas came early for you, at the very moment you both confessed that you liked each other and that you wanted to be together. December 25 is just the cherry on top, and you want it to be the sweetest tasting cherry yet.

Many men desire to be with a woman from Mexico. Perhaps it may be due to the classic, albeit exaggerated, Hollywood depiction of hot Latina women. But whether your encounters with a Mexican woman have been frequent in your neighborhood or be it simply because of its proximity to the United States, the stereotype is often proven correct - they are fiery, passionate, curvy, and beautiful.

And when they fall in love, they are fiercely loyal.

Whenever you are in a relationship with a woman from abroad, the question of where to spend important holidays and personal milestones comes into play.

The way Christmas is celebrated in the US is no secret. And if someone needs a refresher, that person can always refer to the hundreds of American Christmas movies on record.

But if you want to go the extra mile to impress your Mexican girlfriend, the best thing you can do is block off a couple of weeks from your year-end calendar and book a flight to Mexico.

The mere fact that you are going there is enough of a reason for her to be extra happy. But if you want to give her the impression that you are seriously into her and care about her, then it will do you good to make yourself familiar with Mexican Christmas traditions.

Since Mexico has a great wealth of tradition in the country, let us pick out a few to focus on so you can make the best impression yet.

Heartily singing Christmas carols

mexico christmas lights
Be captured by the magic of festive Mexican Christmas traditions.

While the act of caroling is a tradition anywhere Christmas is properly celebrated, the lyrics of love and joy seem to take actual shape and matter whenever you are singing alongside the love of your life.

Mexican people are popular for being extremely festive. There isn’t any room for grinching around, so warm up those vocal cords and let out a few tunes. You may have a voice that only a mother could love, but rest assured you’re not losing any love from your Mexican girlfriend.

Carols in Mexico are called villancicos. Staying true to their festive nature, Mexicans sing at every event possible, from the beginning of the season, to Christmas eve, all the way till New Year’s.

A meaningful kind of gift-giving

Your Mexican girlfriend may have had a different kind of Christmas fantasy growing up. This is because Santa Claus (or Santa Clos in Mexico) isn’t really part of the country’s long Christmas tradition.

Instead, children are taught that the Three Wise Men, or the Baby Jesus, gives them a gift on January 6th.

This is most probably how your girlfriend experienced gift-giving in her youth. Also, because of the religious connotation of the event, the gifts she wished for may have been closer to heart than simply items off a rack from the department store.

So in your Christmas season together, make sure to get her something that matters, as if you were one of the three wise men.

A big tree and lots of colorful decor

Remember that bit about the festive nature in Mexico? Add to that the happiest time of year and you have a real party in your hands. A great thing to do for bonding time with your girlfriend is to decorate the Christmas tree as well as everything else you can color up.

The most Christmas-y flowers of them all, the Poinsettias, are famous all around the world for their bright red colors. Called the nochebuena flowers, simply plot them around the home and you can immediately feel the spirit of the season fill the atmosphere.

Nativity Scene - a symbol of family

mexico christmas nativity
The nativity scene is part of many Mexican Christmas traditions.

If you hadn’t caught on yet, Christmas in Mexico is largely a religious event. All of their little events within the season are tributes to different moments in the nativity story, such as the story of the three wise men, to los santos inocentes - a day commemorating the babies that were slain on orders of King Herod.

The nativity scene is a staple among many Mexican Christmas decorations. It is depicted using figurines in pretty much every church and household. It doesn’t just symbolize Mexico’s reverence to the Holy Family, but it represents the importance of family as well.

This is perhaps one of the reasons why your Mexican girlfriend would want a family of her own, with you in the picture.

Attending the Christmas Mass

Perhaps the most important part of this whole celebration is the Misa de Gallo, or the Christmas mass. Faithful Mexicans attend mass on Christmas Eve, then follow it up with the Noche Buena, a family Christmas meal.

This isn’t just the most important moment for everyone there, it is for you as well. Anytime your Mexican girlfriend brings you along to an event this meaningful, it means you now have a place in her and her family’s heart. It is no small thing to be alongside a woman for Misa de Gallo or Noche Buena. Make sure to relish every single second of it.

Learn the greetings the Mexican way

You’re celebrating Christmas in Mexico, so you better at least learn how to spread the cheer the right way. To greet someone Merry Christmas in Spanish, say Feliz Navidad. Prospero Año Nuevo is Spanish for Prosperous Happy New Year.

And don’t forget, any time you are feeling the strong emotion of love for your Mexican woman, give her a nice, sincere Te amo (I love you).

mexican couple
Many Latina women prefer to celebrate Christmas with family and loved ones.

Not every man has the privilege of spending Christmas with the woman they love the most. This Christmas, spend time with her and her family in her hometown in Mexico. It’s a better gift than she can ever ask for.

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