Mexico’s Dating Culture

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The dating culture of Mexican women has many influences. Some of these are religion, ancient culture, and outside culture. When it comes to dating, religion has the greatest influence on its culture. Women are expected to be more reserved and meek. In dating, men are supposed to be the ones who start or initiate the courting and dating stage.

Ancient culture is the culture that has been passed down from generation to generation and is still being actively practiced to this day. One of these is the culture of having a tightly knit family. Because of this culture, the family’s opinion will always be taken into consideration when it comes to dating and marriage.

Outside culture is the influence of foreign culture into Mexico. This culture made dinner dates popular. Men ask women out on a date where they go out to eat. During the date, the man is expected to pay for the meal. In the olden days, dating was more of a household event where the couple is out in plain sight of the woman’s family.

Tips for Dating in Mexico

Mexico may have different types of dating culture, but that shouldn’t stop you from wooing a beautiful Mexican lady. Who knows, she might just be the perfect one for you. To increase the chance of success on your date with a Mexican woman, follow these tips when applicable:

  • Create a connection with her family
  • They say that when you date a Mexican girl, you are dating her family as well. This is true for most Catholic countries, such as Mexico. They value their family and consider them as the most important unit of society and as such, they will always try to interfere when they see that you are not good for their daughter. If you create a connection with her family, you should be able to gain their favor and they will want you to pursue their daughter.

  • Always be a gentleman
  • While this is a no-brainer, some men tend to forget something as simple and as important as being a gentleman. Even the littlest gestures will catch her attention. Open doors for her or offer her a seat. Most importantly, pick her up from her house and take her back home once the date is done. This will show her that you care for her that you wouldn’t mind going out of your way to make sure she gets home safe.

  • Make her feel important and wanted
  • During a date, compliment her. Mexican women like being complimented. This gives them a feeling that you are always interested in her and that you like her. While on your date, listen to her when she is talking. Make her feel that her opinions are also important to you.

  • Focus on her at all times
  • Do not lose your focus. There are lots of distractions when you are out on a date. Some of these are your cellphone, the environment, or other women. Turn off your phone or keep it in silent mode. It is insulting to her when you are constantly on your phone during your date. The environment can be distracting as well, especially when you are in a nice place. Most importantly, do not be distracted by other women. It is a fact that Mexican women are beautiful and you might find one or two during your date. Always put in mind that your date is more beautiful than the other women around.

Date Ideas in Mexico

If you want to stand out from hundreds of other men who are trying to impress Mexican women, try out these not so ordinary dating ideas and take your dating game to the next level!

  • Lay on the beautiful beaches of Mexico
  • It is no question that Mexico has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. With its proximity to the Carribean, what more can you ask for when it comes to its beaches? For a romantic date idea, take your Mexican date to a night out on the beach. Lay on the fine sand, share a conversation, and stare at the night sky filled with stars while listening to the crashing of the waves. Just laying there is probably one of the best platonic feelings you will ever experience.

  • Tour the Mayan ruins
  • The Mayan ruins of Mexico are a mysterious part of its history. Not a lot about it is known. For an out of the ordinary date, take her to the Mayan ruins. Discover facts about the ruins while discovering facts about each other. Learn about Mexican culture and enjoy your date with her at the same time.

  • Dance the night away
  • Women in Mexico are known to be party lovers. They have this natural groove that makes them good at dancing even at a young age. If you want to see her in her natural environment, then the dancefloor is a good way to start. While she’s on it, impress her with your dance moves as well!

  • Working out with her
  • Looking at all the beautiful Mexican women around you, you will have noticed that most of them are fit, well-toned, and have a physique that other women envy. They are naturally fit and lean. Because of the desire to look as good all the time, a trip to the gym is never a bad idea for Mexican women. With that in mind, go with her while she works out. Sweating together is as romantic as it gets. Not only will you enjoy her company, but you will also get fit yourself!

  • Romantic breakfast
  • Romantic dinners are overrated. If we are to talk about a romantic meal, breakfast is definitely on top of the list. A person’s genuine character shines through when you just woke up. If you want to get to know the real her, take her out for a breakfast date and you will be surprised at how casually romantic it is.

  • Touring the city on a bike
  • While out on a trip to Mexico to meet your Mexican date in person, why not hit two birds with one stone? Tour the country with her. For the best experience, tour the city on a bike. By doing so, you will be able to linger longer than when you are riding a vehicle. You can stop anywhere, share a conversation, and of course, stay fit while enjoying both the beauty of your date and the city.

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