4 Mexican New Year’s Traditions and What They Mean

lady sipping a margarita
Take part in these exciting traditions with your Mexican girlfriend.

Have you ever dreamt of spending New Year’s Eve with your Mexican girlfriend?

According to many men, these women are some of the sweetest, most intelligent, hardworking, and passionate people they know. As a matter of fact, many of these men speak favorably of their relationships with Mexicanas when compared to their American counterparts.

Celebrating New Year’s with any woman makes the holiday just a little bit more special. It’s an important marker - a milestone in your romantic relationship.

It’s the time of the year when you collectively reflect upon your future, and that includes your future as a couple.

Is it a time to continue the good times of the previous year? Or is this the year that you take your relationship to the next level?

If this New Year’s is going to be your first glimpse into the Mexican way of celebrating, then it could be your glimpse into your girlfriend’s attitude towards the future as well. Latinos in general are quite traditional. They are proud of their culture and take every opportunity to celebrate things the way their ancestors did. They can even get a little superstitious as well, adding to the mystique of some of their New Year’s traditions.

But here is an interesting exercise: by recreating some of these Mexican New Year’s traditions, you can see how their beliefs can somehow be applied to your relationship.

Whether you decide to spend January 1st in your partner’s hometown in Mexico or simulate it in your place, you can still have a celebration that’s full of tradition, meaning, and bonding for the two of you.

1. Choosing these interesting underwear colors

One of the more interesting, and perhaps intimate, of New Year’s traditions anywhere around the world belongs to the Mexicans. They have made it a ritual to wear either red or yellow underwear on the first day of the year. Many cultures around the world associate New Year’s rituals with obtaining luck or fortune for the year to come.

In Mexico, there is the belief that wearing yellow underwear will bring good fortune in your job or with money. Red, however, is a fortune bearer for all things love-related. This is an excellent opportunity to show your optimism by wishing for passion and love in your relationship.

So at least days before the party, make sure to go shopping for some bright red briefs or boxers, as well as some sexy underwear for the lady. It’s an absolutely appropriate representation of that fiery Mexican passion.

woman in red underwear
Do you want more love and passion with your Mexican girlfriend? Put on some red underwear on New Year’s Eve.

2. Sweeping out the old year

One peculiar tradition is to “sweep out the old year.” When the clock hits midnight, you simply open the door or gate to the house and sweep towards the outside. This practice represents driving away the bad and negative vibes of the past.

In addition to this, many Mexican households sweep 12 coins, one for each month of the year, into the house. This represents the bringing in of good fortune and wealth into your home and life.

While the concept may sound fun and even silly at first glance, the idea it represents is profound and well applicable to your relationship.

Many of us tend to get caught up in the past. We tend to harbor anger over our partner’s past mistakes, often leaving them unforgiven. So during the New Year, “sweep away” those negative feelings of anger, doubt, and fear, leaving only room for hope and happiness.

3. Packing your bags

If you haven’t caught on yet, the theme for their New Year’s practices is optimism. Mexicans have this practice of packing their luggage, which represents their hope to someday travel and see the world.

One thing they do is envision exactly where they want to go and pack their things accordingly. For example, if they would like to visit some place cold like Scandinavia, they would pack thermal wear and thick winter jackets.

This is an excellent time to build a vision with your Mexican woman. Perhaps your vision is for both of you to live permanently in your country. Or it could be that your goal is to travel the whole of Asia. Whichever place you desire to go, make your declaration by packing your bags. Someday, you will look back in delight at how you made your dreams a reality.

lady packing her luggage
Some Mexican women pack their bags on New Year’s for good travels.

4. A ring in your drink

When the clock strikes midnight, ring in the New Year by toasting with a glass with a ring in it. As a sign of luck, Mexicans typically have a glass with an alcoholic drink, like champagne, and drop a golden ring in it. When they have made their toast, finished the drink, and hugged everyone in the room, that is the time they take the ring out of the glass.

As a couple, the ring may symbolize something down the line for your relationship. Now, whether or not you actually take the opportunity to propose or do something crazy romantic, just know where you are at that moment. You are with her, and her family may be there as well. Mexican women have their sights on marriage, so always keep that in mind.

Don’t waste the New Year

With traditions like these and many more, it is clear that New Year’s Day done the Mexican way is a time of hope and joy for the future. It is a time to leave behind the bad and make space for the good.

Even if you aren’t dating a Mexican lady right now, take inspiration from the spirit of the holiday. Leave all your bad memories and experiences with dating and failed relationships. Welcome love and passion back into your life.

Make a decision to find the woman you truly deserve. If you aren’t dating her now, then how many New Year’s Days are you going to let pass until you do find her?

Make this your resolution: “I want a romantic relationship with my ideal Mexican woman, and this year, I will go through all necessary lengths to be with her.”

The inner beauty of Mexican women is reflected in the traditions of their people. The values of hope and love are at the center of their culture, and therefore are a core part of who they are. In that sense, how can you ever go wrong by dating a beautiful Mexican woman?

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