Attracting Women Through Good Conversation

coffee shop date What women find attractive is a charming speaker

As you’re browsing through the dating site, you see a woman who you find attractive. That piques your interest and you visit her profile.

She seems to be exactly what you are looking for in a partner!

Immediately, you send her a message and, to your surprise, she responds just as quickly. You both are engaged in a conversation and somewhere along the line you managed to win her over a date.

Now ready to woo the woman of your dreams, you head onwards to your rendezvous. But then an intrusive thought nags at the back of your head. You know how to start a conversation with a stranger online, but how do you start a conversation in real life?

Making the first move is not the easiest task, especially if you are the shy type. You absolutely need to overcome that shyness if you want to easily talk to women. You have to have guts and confidence if you want to make it to the second date. So before offering yourself on the table, discover more about how to attract women through conversation.

Make a Good Impression Before the Conversation

The first thing that a person notices about you is your appearance. Your appearance says a lot about your character. From the way you dress to the condition of your skin, your appearance determines a person’s initial perception of you.

Being well groomed is deemed by society as an absolute necessity. Not only does it make you more attractive, but it also implies that you are disciplined, well maintained and healthy.

Neglecting personal hygiene is an instant turn off. And no, looking disheveled and tousled isn’t something every man can pull off. So before you show up on your date, clean yourself up and dress neatly.

Appearance isn’t only about looks, it can also be the way you smell. There is also something alluring and hypnotizing about a person with a good aroma. Maybe that is because we are biologically wired to people with strong pheromones that we are easily spellbound by perfume?

Before you learn to attract women through conversation, take a good look at the mirror and give yourself an honest assessment.

Understanding Body Language

If you notice someone paying attention to your movements, that’s because they’re trying to observe your body language. This visual form of communication is the quickest way to read someone on a surface reading level. Here’s how you attract a person’s attention using body language:

  • Good posture. Chin up, chest up, tuck in your stomach, roll your shoulders back. Slouching can be seen as an expression of disinterest. Having a relaxed disposition eases both you and the person you are talking to into a comfortable and intimate conversation.
  • Smile. People are a lot more welcoming to conversations when you approach them with a smile. A good conversationalist would always smile to show their company how much they enjoy talking to them.
  • Relax. A stiff introduction is most likely to create a stiff atmosphere. Relieve any tension in your muscles, being too tense makes you all the more nervous.
  • Make eye contact. When paying attention to someone, it is important to maintain eye contact. Looking around shows you are uninterested in the conversation. Don’t stare too long, it might make it awkward and uncomfortable.
  • Avoid closed body language. You make yourself more approachable and easier to talk to. Make use of open hand gestures when you greet each other. Use your hands to put emphasis on your words.
  • Don’t make unnecessary movements. Tapping your foot or your finger may make your company feel like you’re uninterested. Face your body towards them, shifting your body to the side makes it look like you’re looking to exit.

Exhibiting a positive body language is a good means of projecting your interest, so put your best foot forward, literally!

Speak With Consideration

Good conversations with women are a product of pleasant company. You don’t want to come on too strong on your very first date, instead, you want to establish a connection.

This is what draws them in. Less about what we say, more about how we say it. Putting emphasis on certain words and playing with the stress on syllables has more impact than using a handful of words. Using such methods while talking to women often results in a good time.

Some guys don't consider their conversation topics prior to approaching a woman. Many will just start talking without any consideration.

How to be an Effective Conversationalist:

  • To keep your date’s attention, pace yourself when you speak. Speaking too quickly builds up tension and pressure in the conversation.
  • Always take pauses in between words. It’s not always that you have to fill in the silence. This allows your date an ample amount of time to digest what you are saying.
  • Your volume should reflect your environment. Even if you are in an intimate space, you would want to keep the conversation in between you and your date. Tone down your voice to avoid attracting unwanted attention from other patrons.
  • If you do have anything to ask, use open ended questions. This is an effective method to prevent the conversation from dying. Don’t prepare what you will be saying, let it come naturally to you
  • Avoid choosing topics that have the potential to devolve into an argument. It’s good to share ideas and opinions but the last thing you want to do on a date is argue. You have to take into consideration who you are speaking with.

The objective of effective communication is to get your point across. Yes, it is easier to understand each other when you use simple words. It is in the way you tell the story that you captivate your audience.

Listen With The Intent To Understand

A conversation requires a balance between talking and listening. Controlling the conversation too much benefits you more than it benefits the person you are talking to. Allow them a chance to speak up. Besides, it’s much more fun to learn more about a person than it is to talk about yourself.

As a rule of thumb, avoid interrupting them. Allow them to finish what they were saying before politely interjecting. If you do have something to share that is somewhere along the lines of the topic. Assess whether it is necessary to bring up in the conversation.

When they bring up a subject that you aren’t familiar with, don’t act pretentious. Be honest, you can’t really form an opinion when you haven’t been educated for that matter. So have them discuss it instead. It’ll help more in getting the conversation going.

Mutual attentiveness is the best way to identify how both of you are enjoying the conversation. Getting lost in an engaging conversation can be a euphoric and gratifying experience.

Getting Ready for Your Date

Observing proper conversation etiquette (followed by good manners) is a sign of courtesy and respect. paying attention, eye contact, body language.

These are one of the simplest ways to start a conversation. Now you know all about how to attract women through conversation. Put it to good practice and charm them all!

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