5 Indicators of Interest Most Mexican Women Show

Mexican girl sharing earphones Eye contact is a tell-tale sign that Mexican women are interested in you. | Photo by Marcelo Chagas from Pexels

Love is a battle, and dating is like going to war. Except instead of trying to kill your opponent, you are trying to develop a meaningful relationship with your date. Mexican women, like most women, are more than willing to do the mental tango with you, and it will be in your best interests to come early, ready, and prepared if you are to succeed.

While on a date, these women will exhibit signals which will indicate varying degrees of interest or disinterest, and it is your job, as the man, to take a hint.

Some of these signals will hint that your time together will be brief. Others will be steps that pave the way to something more enduring.

When dating a Mexican woman, understand that much of how she shows that she genuinely likes you is culturally influenced and unique to women of her upbringing.

Nevertheless, be on the lookout for the classic signs that your date is into you. Unless a girl brings a brightly colored placard with the words, “I like you very, very, very much! PS Kiss me now,” you will have to rely on your ability to read classic subtle signs that your date is in fact interested in you.

Let’s face it. Reading women? Surely you ask the impossible, good sir! Regardless, here are signs that the Mexican lady you are dating is in fact into you:

  1. Her body does the talking.
  2. Undeniably, body language and movement are strong indicators of interest. It’s pretty much the first thing any man has to watch out for when with a woman.

    Start with the eyes. Eyes are the windows to one’s soul. And when she can maintain straight eye contact with you, either she is adept at advanced interrogation tactics or her soul thinks it may have found a mate.

    If you find her constantly checking her phone or seldom making eye contact, you know it’s over and you should ask for the cheque.

    Pay good attention to her smile as well. Are you noticing if her smile genuinely shows interest and delight at the fact that she is there with you? Or is it reminiscent of a hostage reading out a demand letter?

    A lady’s smile is such a disarming device in the female body language repertoire. Be reassured when she smiles. You’re doing great!

    There are other bodily signs of interest, some of a less overt nature. If you have a sharp eye, you may be able to notice her playfully twirling her hair, or leaning her body in your general direction.

    Whichever the case, always know that if her english isn’t too good, her body can say more than her words ever will.

  3. Meeting her father.
  4. And her mom. And her 3 sisters. And her 3rd cousin’s pet chihuahua. You know she takes you seriously when meeting the family becomes the next date’s agenda.

    Perhaps it’s the deeply Catholic nature of Mexico. Perhaps all Latinos are just family people. Either way, you have to know that family holds and will forever hold an non-negotiable place in every Mexican woman’s heart.

    When she introduces you to her family, take it seriously. Because her dad does.

    Mexican fathers are notoriously protective of their daughters. When she introduces you to him, know that he has to consciously set aside his violent tendencies in courtesy to the other man who makes her happy.

    Be respectful. Be polite. Be a gentleman. And know that in meeting her family, she is serious about you.

  5. She teases you.
  6. This is a good sign that she is into you. No, she is not being mean to you by pointing out the fact that you cry whenever you watch The Notebook. It means she is comfortable enough around you to say it.

    Watch out for a change in language patterns as the dates progress. Trust is an almighty treasure women do not give out easily. As her trust in you grows, she may want to talk about things of a more serious nature.

    A woman who is interested in you will always find a way to keep the conversation going. A fairly obvious hint is that she laughs at the jokes only your dog would laugh to.

    Knowing how much Mexican women value family, some may even venture to mention desires of having a family and kids.

    Do not freak out. Be honest, polite, and open to compromise. Remember the old adage, “Communication is key.”

  7. She spends time with you.
  8. Don’t underestimate the conscious effort it takes to make yourself available for someone else. Most people nowadays are too busy to be dating.

    An interesting thing about dating is that when two people like each other, time seems to go by instantly. When things are not going well, each minute seems like an hour.

    When the woman you are dating makes time to date you, know that she values the time spent with you. It’s important to her.

    Remember, time with you is time away from her family and her friends. In Mexico, one’s reputation is very important. Women can get very self-conscious about what her friends and other people are talking about. This is especially true when they talk about and gossip about her love life.

    If she is spending time with you, this not only means that she likes being with you, which she obviously does, but it means that the fact that people know she is dating you doesn’t bother her.

    If she keeps posting pictures of the two of you in social media, that’s bonus points for you as well!

  9. She gets jealous.
  10. This is serious as well. Mexican women can be very passionate lovers. And due to the unfortunate number of Latino men who cheat on their women, earning their trust is no easy feat.

    However by the time your date gets jealous with you, be assured that you have at least a foot in in the trust department.

    It isn’t limited simply to getting jealous or protective about other women, but it could be she is jealous about time and attention. Make sure to communicate about potential issues that could arise and you’ll be just fine.

Keeping Your Eyes Open

Like the tango, you need to stand straight, listen to the music, and pay attention. It’s not just about making the right moves, it’s about reading your partner the right way.

Nowadays, a great way to find love where distance is a factor is through online dating sites. Unfortunately. it isn’t the total experience in human interaction. But if you can keep open for verbal clues and physical clues if you are communicating through video, then the rules still apply.

When all else fails, try relying on this friendly piece of advice: If a girl likes you, it will be obvious!

Reading your partner the right way will allow you to respond the right way, and when the giving and taking between the both of you become fluid and natural, my man, you are dancing!

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