Spanish Phrases You'll Need Dating in Mexico

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Learn some Spanish to help you date Mexican women. | Photo by Lucas Lurenco on Pexels

The United States and Mexico share a relatively long land border but they are very different from one another. There is also the fact that they were run by competing colonial powers, Mexico being ruled by Spain and the original thirteen colonies of the United States being ruled by England.

The same applies to the language spoken. Spanish is the most widely spoken language across all Latin American cities except the Brazilian ones, and English is the most widely spoken language in the United States, although there is a large Hispanic population in the southwest of the country, thanks to the Mexican-American War.

Even so, not every American will be able to speak Spanish. A lot of guys find that language barriers get in the way of romance when they’re trying their hands at dating in Mexico.

The good news is that a person who doesn’t speak Spanish can still flirt with Mexican women or women of another Spanish-speaking country by using a few simple phrases.

Te extrano

One of the most useful Spanish phrases for a man in a long-distance relationship with a Latin American woman is Te extrano, which translates to I miss you. It might be important for you because, well, if you’re in a relationship with her, you’re going to miss her. Distance will keep you apart, but you can at least tell her how much you miss her.

Mi Amor

It is more of a pet name than anything else. It translates to my love, and it is a term used by many Spanish-speaking people to refer to the people they love. It’s common for parents to call their children this and for couples to call each other this.

If you’re in a romantic relationship and you call each other this, then that’s a pretty good indicator for your relationship as a whole. It’s a term that will endear you to Latina women.

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Since Latinas speak Spanish, you should learn a few phrases. | Photo by Rodrigo Santos on Pexels

Yo te invito

Traditional masculinity is prevalent in Mexico and Latin America as a whole, so men who date women are subjected to certain expectations. One of them is that they will be responsible for paying for the dates. You te invito translates to I’ll pay, so it’s going to be an important phrase that you’ll need when dating in Mexico.

If you want to know how to get a Latina to fall in love with you, then you’ll have to embody some of the things her culture has told her that she’s supposed to want.

Te invito a tomar algo?

Another useful phrase for dating is Te invito a tomar algo, which translates to Can I buy you a drink? If you are just starting out and haven’t made any approaches yet, then this will be very helpful to you. It’s a great way to open up and approach Lainas.

Como te llamas

Como te llamas translates to what’s your name?, if offering to buy her a drink isn’t your preferred method of making an approach. Plus, she might actually give you her name which gives you an opening to give her yours and start a conversation from there.

Te gustaría bailar

This translates to do you want to dance? Most likely, the answer will be yes. If you are on a date and come up with this phrase, you better be wearing your dancing shoes.

If you want to dance and it’s noisy where you are, just shout bailemos, which translates to let’s dance. She’ll comprehend what you’re saying.

Te estas disfrutando

You can use this phrase to show your date that you are considerate and thoughtful. It translates to are you having a good time? Whether or not she is having a good time is important to you, so you want to make sure she is enjoying herself.

Como vas

Another way for you in which you can make your approach to start with como vas, which translates to how you doing? It’s a pretty casual and relaxed greeting, but being relaxed and casual can be beneficial for you since it encourages the woman you are trying to chat up to relax as well, which can be greatly helpful for when you’re dating a Latina.

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If you want to get with Latina women, you’ve got to speak their language. | Photo by Matheu Ferrero on Pexels

Te Quiero

If you have romantic feelings for someone, but they aren’t strong enough to make you want to marry her or make any type of commitment, then this phrase can be useful. Te quiero translates to I like you, a way to express your feelings without giving someone the wrong idea about how deep those feelings really are.


Even though the word itself may not be all that useful, you might find that you’re going to need it a lot as it translates to girlfriend. You’re going to run into this frequently when you’re referring to the woman you’re dating, especially if you’re at the point where the words girlfriend and boyfriend are the appropriate thing to refer to each other by.

Mi media naranja

But whenever the terms girlfriend and boyfriend are no longer appropriate because of how far things have progressed, mi media naranja will do just fine. The term literally means my half-orange, but is used more like my soulmate or my better half.

Te ves muy bien

A phrase you can use both at the dating stage and when you’re already with someone is te ves muy bien, which means you’re very good-looking. The majority of guys fail to compliment their partners, especially later in the relationship. This phrase will help you avoid becoming one of those guys.

It’s funny how language works. Many people believe that love is a universal language, that you can express how you feel without having to use words.

But gestures that are considered romantic vary from culture to culture, so until you learn more about Mexican culture, you’ll want to learn some Spanish in order to express your feelings.

Although Spanish is taught in a lot of public schools and is widely spoken across the country, not everyone can speak it fluently enough to start dating someone from Mexico. You can prepare yourself with some useful phrases, however, to increase your chances of dating in Mexico and potentially finding love with Latinas on that side of the border.

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